Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hoo .. Haa .. India ..

The Chumpions .. Oops .. Champions trophy is on .. And with that the countdown to the World Cup too is.
Every major cricket event sees the major soft drinks companies coming up with new series of ads. The latest star on the horizon is normally roped in by them to get more mileage.

Things are different this time around. What we have these days is our beloved Ganguly trying to persuade the viewers to drink the much maligned soft drink ( or probably just chant their slogan).

Saw the ad for the first time during the India-England match .. And me and every one else around me instantly fell in love with it.
Yes .. in LOVE WITH IT.

True .. Saurav Ganguly is a thing of the past .. His glory days are far behind him. He can't score runs for nuts now. And towards the end of his tenure , his captaincy too had lost its verve. But he still continues to rule our hearts.
The sincerest of concerns forthe team,the genuine disappointment of not being a part of it come through in all that he says.The craving for pulling out his t-shirt and whirling it in the air , seeking and attaining revenge against an over-sized opponent , all seems to be so missed by him.
True .. Those lines don't belong to him, he's not written them by himself , but he sure manages to deliver them perfectly.

And then at the end , he delivers the sucker punch.
If there ever was something that could make me yell that hideous " Hoo .. Haa .. India .. " chant , then this was it.

"Apnay Dada ki baat nahi maanogay ? "

Damn Dada .. For you I'd die a thousand deaths. Yeh " Hoo Haaa" konsi badi baat hai ..

I just hope that Pepsi don't overdo it now by telecasting the same ad over and over again.
Takes away from the poignancy.