Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unchartered territories .. Similar questions ..

"Biomedical engineering kar raha hoon ..Jabh tak mai passout ho jaoonga bohot badh gaya hoga yeh branch. Aur phir foreign mei bhi bohot scope hai .. " Dunno how many times I must've uttered these lines during my time in engineering and a little before that. Big dreams .. even bigger plans ..

Having got my engineering degree (not literally) now , where do i stand ? In the same old unchartered territory .. Undergoing the same frustrations , confusion I was four years back..
Whatever happened to the MS plans ? Afterall .. A GRE score of 1310 isnt too bad. For now they are all tucked in some distant corner of my mind.. Not wanting to go anywhere close to it. Opening the Pandora's box again is something I really don't want to do. But is my hatred for transistors and all things remotely related to electronic circuits so much that all the work done in the last four years is thrown out of the window ?

Do I really want to keep working with my bank , as I have been for the last one and half months ? Am I really cut out for this ? Assistant manager I may be in some department.. But this is not what I had set out for .. A handsome starting salary is not the be all and end all .. Is it ? " Biomedical engineering karkay bank mei ? " A question asked of me umpteen times .. A question I ask myself every damned minute of my life.

Wanting to pursue a career in the defense forces ..Yet, unsure of whether I am good enough to survive in an environment as tough as that.. Discipline and dedication have hardly ever been my forte. The insecurities so often overpower the patriot in me. Yes .. The entrance exam went fine. But what if I get tongue tied during the interviews ( that is if I get called for them) ? Do they have a place for irresponsible brats like me ? The only thing I can kill is time .. What would be my chances against the enemy firing ?

Aiming (without any direction) to crack the CAT exam.. But could someone tell me why do I even want to pursue a management degree ? I've always loved meddling in others issues, but do i really think I'll be able to manage problems more serious that what I have been all my life ? Will I really be able to head the BCCI or the IHF after becoming that sought after MBA ? Or yet again , is it just the lucrative tag I too am after ?

Too many questions .. Too few forthcoming answers..
Time to get rid of my mediocrity..


Anonymous Siddharth said...

mein kya comment maaru..
just hope that saala sab log aisa karke hi life mein aage badha ho. then we may not khapau our mind and... let what is happening..happen..
also may be ek din aayega jab hum ek decision le lenge... and that time the past wont matter... and a future will be standing for us..

isliye abhi aisa lagta hai ki just ride the wave..

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Priyanka said...

so true, but i guess this is something each person needs to decide on their own. you cant expect someone else to figure out what u want in life or expect that the answer to all these questions will fall from the sky above. its you in the end who has to figure out what will you be best at and pursue that.

i think what you wrote abt engg will def put someones foot in his mouth..hahahahahahaaha

dont worry, you will figure out what is cut for you, let time handle such situations.

i will pray that you do land up in what suits u the best.all the best

7:49 AM  
Blogger Amit Panhale said...

Same questions haunting me dude & I too have no idea when and how they will be answered.

Though the only thing certain about my life is that at some point of time I want to do an MBA from a top college. But that too has certain sense of uncertainty surrounding it like whether I will manage to get to an MBA school of my choice.

But you know what that I have realised one thing from hours of introspection that I have done in last few weeks is that if we stop romanticizing our present situation and look at things objectively & practically there is lot that we can take from our current situation.

1. Let the job that you are doing now act as a great motivator for you to realise that a PG degree is a must if want to achieve greater things in life.

2. Learn whatever you can from the time that you are spending at your job right now because if you know the Steve Job's story you will realise that nothing that you do or learn goes waste in life.

Wishing you all the best and hoping that there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of us.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Ashutosh Deo said...

This is how I see life..

Life throws many opportunities at you.. You may or may not want to tap them all. Some things are best to be kept as dreams and fantasies and maybe as hobbies.

A year ago, I was tangled in this MS vs MBA situation. But now (hopefully :) ) I have decided that I am not game for a MS in my field. It took hours and hours of introspection to arrive upon this decision, the basic reasoning being that I do not like to get into the intricate details in Technical stuff.

I become happier by studying & analysing the overall picture. Now, to keep alive my technical interests, I can always use the Internet and join societies like the IEEE.

I do not have any experience working on a job, but I believe, after analysing the work profiles of many people, that a job is all about earning money to sustain yourself in this dog eat dog world.. Security.. as they say.

Job satisfaction also matters a lot, but you can't really do much when you have only a few specific skill sets in hand.

This is where the MBA comes in for me, I want to expand my avenues and I want to develop a broad mindset.

So dude, keep on introspecting and let your dreams and fantasies be seperate.

9:15 AM  
Blogger Sagar Mehta said...

miskeen bhai..amazing post...kya dil kholke likha hai..da person who would read it would be able to interpret ur emotions actually...ek dum di ka raja hai tu..sab ekdum sexy flow me hai..watever u said is true for almost every graduate in dis country..u have an ocean of talent..use it sensibly..keep up da good wrk..chao..

10:31 AM  
Blogger rooneymaniac said...

Absolutely brilliant post dude ..
The case is the same with me ..
Sometimes in life we end up doing things we actually dont want to do..
Sometimes in life we do not have a clue as to why we r pursuing a particular thing ..
All of this stems out of the fact that all these years we have been flowing with the tide ..
All these years we have failed to take that one courageous step that would have taken us to the next level and most importantly given us that sense of satisfaction that we do not find in what we are doing now..
But the fact remains that life is not as simple as it delineates itself to be..
And thus "sometimes" we do things we do not want to do ..
If only all of us had an expressway to reach to the top of a mountain ..
But the fact is we ll have to travel the winding road ..
And all of us know how talented you are so you better make that courageous move as and when an opportunity comes and life will be there for the taking ..

12:18 PM  
Blogger netneo said...

and i might say the feelings of about a 100 million of the indian youth are being expressed here!

no worries..there are some highly successful people in the world who STILL have no clue of what they want to do in life. It depends mainly on how to define success-on the basis of achievements or just by being plain old happy in what you do. i would pick the latter anyday.

so as long as u r happy choosing a line of your choice..who the heck cares whether u did a biomed or a civil in engineering!

12:38 PM  
Blogger chotti item said...

sahi likha hai bhai..solid hai ekdum....ek minute laga mere tere se sidha baat kar raha hooon..malum hi nahi padha ki i am soo many miles away....sahi likehela hai bapppu..keep it up..

11:32 AM  
Anonymous jay said...

sahi likha hai bappu....mast ekdum....laga hi nahi ki mai yaha hoon n tu waha...felt as if apun samne samne baat kaar rahe hai!!!! ssahi hai dost..

11:33 AM  
Blogger priya uppuluri said...

This is to all you sweet little wannabe's or dunno what I wannabe's. 'PICK YOUR PASSION'.
Puneet, meddling in others 'business' - there you go!
You do not like circuits - thats all there will be in a masters - kick it to a corner, unless you dabble in sales - that brings you back to 'business'.
AND if you force yourself out of bed every morning, the 'forces' are not for you,'r lucky and wake up on time.
Enough said, unbashdly take a year or two to decide. Life is a leveler, everything gets normalized after 10 years. Why else am I, a person of mediocre intellect rubbing shoulders with the likes of noble prize winners? Dont tell them I had 4 KT's in college and had to pray myself out of it!!
SO, all you cute little darling undecisive souls, pick your passion, and be forceful, and defensive of your dreams. Period!

9:21 PM  

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