Sunday, September 24, 2006

Unchartered territories .. Similar questions ..

"Biomedical engineering kar raha hoon ..Jabh tak mai passout ho jaoonga bohot badh gaya hoga yeh branch. Aur phir foreign mei bhi bohot scope hai .. " Dunno how many times I must've uttered these lines during my time in engineering and a little before that. Big dreams .. even bigger plans ..

Having got my engineering degree (not literally) now , where do i stand ? In the same old unchartered territory .. Undergoing the same frustrations , confusion I was four years back..
Whatever happened to the MS plans ? Afterall .. A GRE score of 1310 isnt too bad. For now they are all tucked in some distant corner of my mind.. Not wanting to go anywhere close to it. Opening the Pandora's box again is something I really don't want to do. But is my hatred for transistors and all things remotely related to electronic circuits so much that all the work done in the last four years is thrown out of the window ?

Do I really want to keep working with my bank , as I have been for the last one and half months ? Am I really cut out for this ? Assistant manager I may be in some department.. But this is not what I had set out for .. A handsome starting salary is not the be all and end all .. Is it ? " Biomedical engineering karkay bank mei ? " A question asked of me umpteen times .. A question I ask myself every damned minute of my life.

Wanting to pursue a career in the defense forces ..Yet, unsure of whether I am good enough to survive in an environment as tough as that.. Discipline and dedication have hardly ever been my forte. The insecurities so often overpower the patriot in me. Yes .. The entrance exam went fine. But what if I get tongue tied during the interviews ( that is if I get called for them) ? Do they have a place for irresponsible brats like me ? The only thing I can kill is time .. What would be my chances against the enemy firing ?

Aiming (without any direction) to crack the CAT exam.. But could someone tell me why do I even want to pursue a management degree ? I've always loved meddling in others issues, but do i really think I'll be able to manage problems more serious that what I have been all my life ? Will I really be able to head the BCCI or the IHF after becoming that sought after MBA ? Or yet again , is it just the lucrative tag I too am after ?

Too many questions .. Too few forthcoming answers..
Time to get rid of my mediocrity..

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Great Men .. Not so great thinking..

Ok .. Here I am.. Making yet another post after eons. And on the same topic. INDIAN CRICKET. ( Don't think and know much about anything else ).
Been some 1 yr since a certain Mr. Greg Chappell took over the reigns of Indian cricket.He was supposed to be an elixir.The cure all for everything that ailed the sport in our country.So how well has he and the new ( yet not so new ) Indian captain fared ?

A disastrous tour of Zimbabwe. The aftermath of which is known to all and sundry.Our all time greatest captain cant find a place for himself in the same side he moulded (though Dada himself has to be majorly blamed for his inept batting display). Some time down the line came the ODI wins against Lanka and England. Something that not much should be read into.. Afterall Lanka in those days were still in the transition phase , and England in ODIs = me in accountancy. Load of ROOBISH !! Infact .. Horror of all horrors .. A badly bruised team with its lead spinner being someone as mediocre as Shaun Udal managed to beat us in a test match. The worst was yet to come.. A 4 - 1 series loss to WI of all the teams !!
Weren't the likes of Dravid,Dhoni,Yuvraj,Sehwag,Kaif supposed to be more than a match for their less illustrious opponents ? To me .. The 4-1 series win against Pak was the only genuinely good performance in Chappell's tenure ..

Getting to the main issue. Chappell called Ganguly the "Cancer of Indian cricket... Someone trying to destroy the confidence of players in their own abilities" .Though a little too late , a feeling of "Look who's talking" seems to comes to my mind. Take for example Sehwag. What does the team think tank do after Viru has found his run making form during the last series ? Put him down at number 4 !! Not surprisingly after losing his confidence at that position , he doesnt score much at his favoured position as well. Thats that for helping the player gain confidence.
All along , the selectors,and the team management have been praising Sreesanth and his attitude towards the game.His willingness to learn and his dedication.So what happens after a bright series in the West Indies. Dropped for the ICC trophy. Hold on .. But he is still played in matches preceeding the tournament. Confused ... eh ? Or do u just love having ur foot inserted deep into your mouth , Mr More ? And why didnt Chappell and Dravid prevent such a daft decision from being taken ?

Now .. The enigma that is Irfan Pathan. One day they hail him as the spearhead of the Indian attack (you gotta be a lunatic to say that guys ) .. And the next day he finds himself out of the team. The pretext obviously being RESTING the player . ha ha .. Since when was dropping a player from the playing eleven called 'resting' ? And could someone please tell us the theory behind him being repeatedly made to come in at no. three ? He is not a pinch hitter. And he doesnt score enough runs for a one drop batsman. We need a lot more from our number 3 than just a 40 off 50 balls in one inning out of five. Till I last knew .. The number three batsman in a side was supposed to be its best or someone very close to being that. But then .. This is Indian cricket.. And we like experimenting , challenging individuals .. To the extent of completely throwing our preparations off track.

" Anil Kumble has a major role to play for India during the World Cup."
That is what they want us to believe .. If ever someone's actions belied their words .. Then this is it.. When do u finally intend to play him in an ODI ? Directly during the world cup ? And whatever happened to the idea of selecting players in form ? ( read Zaheer Khan).

You keep talking about the bigger picture .. THE WORLD CUP. Sorry to say this Sir ,but the landscape being painted won't look too good if things continue the same way.