Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hoo .. Haa .. India ..

The Chumpions .. Oops .. Champions trophy is on .. And with that the countdown to the World Cup too is.
Every major cricket event sees the major soft drinks companies coming up with new series of ads. The latest star on the horizon is normally roped in by them to get more mileage.

Things are different this time around. What we have these days is our beloved Ganguly trying to persuade the viewers to drink the much maligned soft drink ( or probably just chant their slogan).

Saw the ad for the first time during the India-England match .. And me and every one else around me instantly fell in love with it.
Yes .. in LOVE WITH IT.

True .. Saurav Ganguly is a thing of the past .. His glory days are far behind him. He can't score runs for nuts now. And towards the end of his tenure , his captaincy too had lost its verve. But he still continues to rule our hearts.
The sincerest of concerns forthe team,the genuine disappointment of not being a part of it come through in all that he says.The craving for pulling out his t-shirt and whirling it in the air , seeking and attaining revenge against an over-sized opponent , all seems to be so missed by him.
True .. Those lines don't belong to him, he's not written them by himself , but he sure manages to deliver them perfectly.

And then at the end , he delivers the sucker punch.
If there ever was something that could make me yell that hideous " Hoo .. Haa .. India .. " chant , then this was it.

"Apnay Dada ki baat nahi maanogay ? "

Damn Dada .. For you I'd die a thousand deaths. Yeh " Hoo Haaa" konsi badi baat hai ..

I just hope that Pepsi don't overdo it now by telecasting the same ad over and over again.
Takes away from the poignancy.


Anonymous Deepak Tolani said...

I had tears in my eyes when i saw the pepsi advertisement for the first time and it still continues to touch my heart..Dada is backing his team for the world cup but does the Indian team still remember him?The BCCI has appealed to the governing body ICC to lift the ban on Azhar eventhough he fixed matches...but no one even cares to appreciate Dada's deeds for his country..It was he along with Mr.Wright who installed fighting spirit and the habit of winning into the Indian team..He certainly deserved a better farewell than what Steve Waugh got when he quit..Sourav Dada will always be a champion for us and i bet we won't ever have a captain better than him..

8:20 AM  
Blogger rooneymaniac said...

With or without ganguly the concept of pepsi is marvellous ..
" Hoo Haa India .. Aaya India"
The slogan itself reignites the INDIAN team fan in me ..
And the ganguly advertisement u are right , when i saw it for the first time .. dil ko choo liya ad ne ..
And more so the honesty with which ganguly sez wat he has sed really blows u away ..
many ppl think ganguly is tryin 2 win over hearts and proly get back in the team with this publicity gimmick ..
But only true indian cricket fans wud know how is it to support india ..
And ganguly like many of us is a true INDIA fan and hes shown that by doin the ad in the first place ..
And there in lies the connection a heart of a true indian cricket fan really goes for another die hard indian fan ..
So lets do it wid ganguly once agen " hoo haa india ..aaya india .."
Perfect timing of the post .. and superbly written too ..
We can only hope dat India doz well in the champions trophy ..

8:56 AM  
Blogger rooneymaniac said...

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8:58 AM  
Blogger rooneymaniac said...

One more thing unlike wot oder ppl think .. i think there is still a bit of cricket left in ganguly .. and am sure we hav not seen the last of ganguly .. and when he finally retyrs he sure will hav a farewell better than ne other cricketer ever has ...

8:58 AM

8:59 AM  
Anonymous RICHA said...

Awesome ...the ad and the the bolg on the ad. Pretty good to have someone see the human side of it.Absolutely felt the same way, and so did all the people around me. trust u to be observant enough to bring this point forward.This one's for Dada and you buddy.."HOO HAA INDIA ...AAYA INDAI!!!!!"

9:43 AM  
Blogger yatin said...

Pepsi has struck it right .
Everything about the add seems to be perfect, and everyone seems to be happy.
Ganguly doesnt mind earning few crores in this phase of his life.
What i liked the most about this add was the way ganguly was potrayed by pepsi. As everyone described its....emotional.
Intially when ganguly was lambasted by every other person i though the companies( like tata...etc) which have invested heavily in him have lost there money. But pepsi has brought in a new realm of advertisments. Kudos to pepsi's advertising department.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Amit Panhale said...

Ya i echo your feelings completely...

Its time the sports administrators in this country learn not to disgrace its sportspersons...

Btw u just got the last line wrong..

It goes like this-"Apne dada baat sunoge na..!"

8:01 PM  
Blogger ANNA ZONE said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:28 PM  
Blogger ANNA ZONE said...

hy ya i too agree the man with such a stature once had to leave the team in such a manner.Thats what u call as fate.
Ya HO ..HAA INDIA that AD is too emotional or infact i can say a good marketing skill by pepsi.i find it too emotional.Once the prince has truly become a mouse.
hats off to ur bolg miskeen keep rockin

12:30 PM  
Blogger priya uppuluri said...

Have'nt seen the commercial, anyway, i think sports persons are overrated, overpaid, and overtly forgiven.
Am I even making a connection here? Where am I?

9:00 PM  

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