Thursday, March 30, 2006



A word that brings about mixed emotions in me ..

Just a tick over 21 yrs of age , and i take my final strides towards a B.E. degree.. As the enormity of the idea sets in , I realise that this will perhaps be the biggest,most important thing I have achieved till date.

The last four years spent in a madhouse by the name TSEC happen to be the best of my life.

From those self conscious early days in F.E. to the 'Baaps of the college' attitude in B.E. , life has come a long way ..
The numerous ATKTs in the early years , the standing in the queue for the concession forms , getting caught in all those proxy issues , the last minute cramming during preparatory leaves , the singing during lectures , the writing on the desks , being a permanent member of the defaulters club , the innumerable meetings with the Princi. All of it will be soo .. soo missed.
Well actually .. Won't be missing the KTs ..

Meeting all those amazingly talented seniors , idolising them , trying to emulate them and failing miserably ..Time and again..
Being an essential part of the college sports team .. Giving heart and soul for the cricket team. Those 3 trips to BITS - Pilani.
Some of the numerous experiences that'll stay with me for the rest of my life.

Vitamin C :

" As we go on .. We remember .. All the times we've had together..
And as our lives change .. Come whatever ..
We will still be , friends forever "

Damnnn ... Gonna miss it all ..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wankhede and Unfair criticism

Its been quite amusing to read all those scathing comments about the rowdy crowd at the Wankhede stadium during the 3rd test match.Obviously,most of it coming from those who get to sit in the best of the seats in the house,pay about 0.0001 percent of the money we shell out and gorge on the food that would be fit for kings when compared with what we have to fill ourselves with?

How many matches have these great ex-cricketers watched from wooden seats ( which could give way any second ).Do they even know about the conditions that prevail in our stands ? How tough it is for a spectator to hold his overpriced cup of water,with a flag on his neck , and adjust his backside on that wooden plank which seems more like a torture equipment .. People leave their houses at 5 am (get lathi charged by the police ) , just to avoid those serpentine queues and get into the stadium before the first ball is bowled , all for our so called 'heroes' - who keep disappointing us time and time again.Have the critics even for once considered the bigger picture ? The pushing ,shovelling and jabbing for that elusive place from where one can get a better look at the players.. BCCI might have become the richest sports body in the world , but that doesnt make them wake up and realise the fact that it is the fans that matter the most.We deserve a lot more than the inhuman conditions prevailing in our stadiums.

Finally.. When an ex-player , a cricket journalist or a sports broadcaster has the right to criticise a players repeatedly poor performance , then why should it be any different for the 'paying' public ?
We love our stars, suffuse them in our generous appreciation when they do well , and let them know , when we have been let down. Infact .. Each one of these so called cricket pundits conveniently preferred to overlook the great numbers in which the cricket crazed people of Mumbai turned up for the match.In spite of the poor performance by the team through out the series , WE WERE THERE.We kept chanting , hooting , but at the end praying for the team's good. How many other venues can boast of such an incredible turnout for a Test match?

Yes .. There were quite a few things said by the crowd that shouldn't have been... The continuous bad mouthing of the Englishmen was quite deplorable.There is a thin line between innocent leg-pulling and abusive language,which we sadly transgressed. But then , when you are in a mob of about 30,000 men , with your adrenaline pumping , you could be forgiven for some raucousness.Isn't it ?

1-2-3 mike testing

At the peril of sounding a bit boring I type my first blog..

Always wondered what it was like being a blogger .. How someone could have so many things to talk about ? Could anyone be as entertaining to make people keep coming back to read about him ?

Chatting doesn't interest me anymore .. Discussion boards seem to be a thing of the past.

Dunno if people would really wanna read what I type ..
Like most other things in life , thought would give this a try too.