Saturday, May 27, 2006

Insanity !

Hmm .. Well .. Probably this comes a little late in the day .. But don't blame me for all the delay. Its the Mumbai University you gotta hold responsible.Got me all tied up with these semester exams ..( My boredom and lack of ideas too did have a small part to play).

The last few weeks , infact the last month has had us witness to some of the most unbelievable, illogical and demented thinking ever heard of. Yes .. U guessed it right .. Heres another blog on our favourite topic.

No .. I've got nothing against reservations.But what really bothers me is the real idea behind it and the way the entire ministry is going about implementing it. Aren't reservations supposed to me made for the down trodden , poor sections of the society which has the talent , but not the necessary resources at their disposal to grow in life. Then why should it matter whether the individual is an OBC or a SC or ST or a VJ or a KHDJDHD ?
23 percent reservations for SC/ST + 27 percent for OBCS ... What happens to the monetarily challenged yet brilliant 'Brahmin' child in the hutment next door ? Where does that leave him ?

A certain 'Dalit/OBC?SC ....' leader Ramadoss states that "Reservations should be made for all OBCs" !!
Now .. Why should my very good friend who happens to be from one of those lower sections of the society , yet owns a house in one of the costliest places in the town , has a couple of cars , be allowed to make avail of the reservations meant only for the less fortunate ?
Hopefully good sense will prevail at the end of the whole issue.

The news channels have found a new , probably even more interesting topic to discuss these days.So have I ..
Aamir Khan , Fanaah and the Narmada Dam.
As far as what I saw and heard .. All the King Khan ( yeah .. Hes more deserving of the title ) said was
" According to the Supreme Court directives, all those people getting displaced because of the construction of the dam should be relocated."
Dint that sound like a completely logical sentence raising the most pertinent of points ? Then why all the hoopla over the entire issue ? He never had any problem with the project , all he is concerned about is whether the villagers are being reimbursed in the right way. Whats the problem then ?

Weird country , insane people.


Anonymous Siddharth said...

Ur right insane people... and u know who r insane... its people from the general category...

What happens today if say...BJP comes fwd against reservations...
Every Gen category person will praise them... come election time and hardly anyone from these people go and vote for them..... where does that leave them.. na general ke na obc ke... so the point is they wont do it...

This is like u let bad things happen and then keep shouting how bad they are... today every student is protesting against reservations... all are abv 18... eligble to vote... but how many of those vote.... for many protests are cool... but voting aint....

Today its not like general category will outnumber the OBCs.. etc but even a share of 20-30 % of votes can change results easily in an election....

Whatever u have said is absolutely true... I just wanted to highlight this point as under all the hype and emotions behind the reservations... a major factor gets hidden...

6:47 AM  
Blogger Amit Panhale said...

Add to that insanity the news of agarkar being dropped and the demand of catholics to add a disclaimer to the movie da insane...

Rationality seems to have departed on the Indian psyche...

7:01 AM  
Blogger netneo said...

Sad to see the level of intolerance growing these days
I wont comment on the reservations coz tht issue has been done to death.
Another trend which people(and the media) have unfortunately failed to cover is the rising level of intolerance
Where is the land of a thousand languages,creeds and religion?
It might exist today on paper but definitely does not when u see the ground reality.
Minority groups getting "hurt" over the slightest of group trying to triumph over the other by symbolic approvals..what is this united nation coming to?

7:01 AM  
Anonymous scdoshi said...

"Hopefully good sense will prevail at the end of the whole issue."

Yes, hopefully...

Meanwhile, we should continue with the protests, in all forms possible.

Or you could keep on making numerous anti-reservations posts like me. And also put up a 'reservations suck' sign on your blog header..

Hate to sound so cliched, but 'Every tiny bit counts.'

12:16 PM  

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