Sunday, May 28, 2006

Winless in West Indies ..

Been just 30 mins since Ajit Agarkar got caught at the mid wicket boundary , marking the end of a horrendous series (atleast for us Indians ). Though the defeat doesnt come as much of a surprise , it is still quite rankling.
Feel pretty sad for myself and the millions across India who sacrifice their sleep just in the hope that we'll finally put it across them.
What could have happened to the team in the period of just 20 days ? Weren't we world beaters till just the other day ? Paper tigers ? Bunch of chokers ? Or just a minor lapse in form ?
Take ur pick ...

Heres my report card on some of India's key players:

Rahul Dravid : 4 points
Did nothing of note in the series other than a typical back to the wall innings in the first ODI. Highly unimaginative captaincy.Let alone the imagination , even basic common sense was lacking on more than one occasions. High time he bid adieu to the opening slot.The middle order needs him.

Virendra Sehwag : 5 points.
2 special innings , 3 disgusting ones , 1 good bowling spell and a whole lot of crap while fielding. But atleast he seems to be regaining his batting confidence.

Irfan Pathan : 2 points.
The biggest flop of the series.Its time the hype around him dies down.Javed Miandad was right. He certainly isn't as special as he is made out to be.( I knew it right from day one .. Even before Javed bhai ).

Mahendra Singh Dhoni : 2 points.
Zero for the work behind the stumps.Absolutely uninspiring performance..One passable innings of 44 isn't good enough.

Yuvraj Singh : 7 points.
The Pied Piper of Punjab keeps tugging at our hearts with those languid drives.Looked in brilliant touch yet again barring the first match.No complaints.

Mohd. Kaif : 7 points.
Three good innings.Although he almost muffed it up in the 1st ODI. Needs to add a few attacking shots to his armoury. Good showing nevertheless..

Harbhajan Singh : 6 points.
Lara bashed him in the 4th ODI .. But then .. A Lara in full flow could take any bowler to the cleaners.
Needs to take a few wickets alongwith maintaining a good economy.

Ajit Agarkar : 8 points.
Its high time people give the man his due.He was the best player for India during the series.Gets 9 points for his bowling and -1 for his batting. NO HE JUST ISNT AN ALLROUNDER. Dean Jones you better get that. The earlier , the better.

Raina , Sreesanth , Munaf , Powar would've realised that international cricket probably isn't as easy as they might like to believe.
This is just the West Indies we lost to. Whats gonna happen against he Aussies and the Proteans ?
Scary thought that.


Blogger rooneymaniac said...

All of ur pts are taken .. though I would hav given harbhajan singh a 3 .
6/10 is way too high for him simply because i have seen him bowl better than what he did in this series.
Moreover the main wicket taker in our team should start picking wickets now its high time he realises that restricitng batsmen is not always gonna win u matches.
Plus there has to b a serious check on raina i think he cannot b in the team based on these performances .
It really hurts u r ryt ppl lyk us r awake till 4 in the nyt only to send frustration driven messages to each other .
Hopefully ppl lyk pathan and dhoni regain their touch , only then we have even an assemblance of a chance at the world cup.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Amit Panhale said...

spot on with your assesment...except for bhajji...

That guy is a strike bowler and we wont mind he going for 50 runs if he takes 2 to 3 wkts but being economical w/o taking wkts doesnt help the team...coz his economical spell is always compensated by somebody having a bad day...

6:38 AM  

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